The Multicomponent Model (MCM) of the Equine Distal Limb

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3DVetAnatomize bring together an international team of veterinary imaging and computer modelling specialists to create unique anatomical replicas of the horse’s distal limb to meet your specific learning, teaching and demonstration needs.

  • The Multi-Component Model (MCM) is a revolutionary, new teaching and learning tool created to promote knowledge of the structure and function of the equine distal limb.
  • If you learn anatomy best by visual, hands on, interaction with structures, then this life-size model is for you.
  • Instead of dissecting (the act of cutting into separate pieces), use the MCM to do the opposite – connect the 36 separate pieces and re-assemble a distal limb
  • By rebuilding the MCM piece by piece you comprehensively learn, remember and imprint in your brain the complex anatomy of the distal limb.
  • Appreciate how each component integrates into the whole and plays a role in the harmonious functioning of joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Use the model to explain and teach equine distal limb anatomy, in health and disease, like never before.
  • Learn faster, remember longer with a MCM in your hands.

Read the full guide on assembling the limb here.

See explanations of the three format options below in full product description.

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The model is available in three formats each priced differently

1. The basic ‘RE-BUILD’ model – consists of 7 bones, 17 ligaments and 4 tendons ($US1000). Includes a 50 page colour User Manual and a tube of lubricant for the plugs.

2. The basic ‘PLUGGED-IN’ model – resembles the basic option but all the ligaments and tendons are permanently glued in place leaving the joints free to move ($US1250). Includes the 50 page colour User Manual.

MCM Plugged-In intro.mp4 from Chris Pollitt on Vimeo.

3. The ‘ADVANCED’ model – consists of 7 bones, 17 ligaments and 4 tendons plus 3 annular ligaments, 2 ungular cartilages, a matching hoof capsule and a hoof baseplate that allows the model to be free standing ($US1500). Includes a 50 page colour User Manual, a tube of lubricant for the plugs and a USB memory stick with the 37 minute assembly guide.

Read the full guide on assembling the limb here.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 29 × 12 cm

The basic ‘RE-BUILD’ model, The basic ‘PLUGGED-IN’ model, The ‘ADVANCED’ model