Polyurethane replica of the hoof capsule of the left fore, distal limb of a normal Standardbred stallion (NHHCap0001)

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A 3D printed model, derived from CT/MR scanning data of the hoof capsule of a normal, Standardbred stallion distal limb was cast in polyurethane from a silicone mould. The polyurethane is coloured light brown. This model (NHHCap0001) complements models DLB0001, DLBLigs0001 and DLBLigsTends0001 which display the bones alone, with ligaments and with ligaments and tendons attached respectively. The hoof capsule is the original from the Standardbred stallion scanned for the bones, ligaments and tendon models, which fit snugly into the hoof capsule standing alone on a flat surface. The model is supplied boxed.

Painting a polyurethane cast of the equine distal limb from Chris Pollitt on Vimeo.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 29 × 12 cm