Polyurethane replica of the bones of the left fore, distal limb of a normal Standardbred stallion (DLB0001)

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A 3D printed model, derived from CT/MR scanning data of normal, Standardbred stallion distal limb bones was moulded in silicone and cast in polyurethane. The limb was loaded and scanned in the normal stance position.  In life, the extreme range of motion fetlock or metacarpophalangeal joint is subject to loads up to 2.6 times the horse’s own bodyweight. The bones have fossae and specialised attachment sites where powerful ligaments and tendons insert to support the high load joints of the equine distal limb. This model (DLB0001) complements models DLBLigs0001 and DLBLigsTends0001 which display the bones with ligaments alone and ligaments with tendons attached respectively. The model is supplied boxed with an accompanying anatomical chart.

Painting a polyurethane cast of the equine distal limb from Chris Pollitt on Vimeo.

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Dimensions 21 × 29 × 12 cm